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Golf in My Life

Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is it meaningful to you? There are few places where I am perfectly content with myself. One of which is the golf course. When I am on the golf course I can forget about my worries […]


It’s the biggest change in a teenager’s life: the first day of freshman year. I got lost more times throughout that day than I have fingers on my hands. While being intimidated by the surrounding upperclassmen, I tried to stay out of the way. I had one single care, which was shared by the majority […]

My Recipe for Happiness

Happiness. What a great word!!! Happiness one thing that exists in everyone. Whether it’s being happy about icecream, school, sunshine, friends or a tv show everyone feels happiness at least once in their life. Now, some people might not find happiness for a longer period of time. They look and search and invest time all […]

Special Place

As I walked into my old childhood house in Deer Park, all these memories came floating around me. I thought to myself what my life would be like if I was still living there. My Mom knew how scared I was about loosing her, so she made me one promise she promised not to break. […]

Leap of Faith

I stood up. My feet shook as I slowly rose from my squatting position on the 40 foot high telephone pole. One tiny misstep and I would be swinging through the air by my harness. I don’t remember taking a single breath while atop the post. I felt like a shaken present, my insides tumbling. […]

The Day I Leaped

I sit down, get my snorkeling gear on, and prepare to jump into the shark-infested waters. My snorkeling partner, Marissa, and I step onto the boat, along with my instructor for the week. “Hello, eighth graders, and welcome to Key Largo, Florida. I’m Karl, and I will be your instructor. We will be exploring marine […]

The Family Name

The day I was born, my mother was a bit uncertain of choosing my name. She always tells me the story of how I was named Amy after a character in her (and my) favorite book, Little Women. It is also made clear to me that I was named Catherine after my mother, who has […]


We are often misled by the appearance of things, of people, even ourselves. Write about an appearance that deceived you and analyze its significance. Gaijen. A dark-haired little boy pulls on his mother’s skirt and points with wide eyes. Whispering, she tries to push his finger down. The finger points at me. Gaijen. Double takes […]


Imagine, an abrupt change; being robbed of everything you knew. A life of confusion, curiosity, and the unknown, something so different from the life you had just yesterday. These are the feelings that consumed me when I was told, “Mariah, your father is going away for a while.” Okay, so he’ll be back in a […]


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