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Being an Eagle Essay

Loyalty, bravery, and community service are the core beliefs of every member of the Boy Scouts of America. Helping others succeed, while at the same time bettering your leadership and commutation skills is why I love scouting. The ability to help others even when they may be reluctant to ask for help, to help others […]

How to Use Facebook

Instructions: How to Use Facebook 1. Fill out a Signup form. Please, carefully read and respond to all questions. Don’t forget to provide your real name, including 4-5 spelling errors to create some challenge for those who will try to find you on Facebook (ex.: for Tatsiana you can use Stianata,Anasitat, or simply Tats****). Please, […]

The Little Mermaid: An Analysis of the Not-So-Happy Fairy Tale

When one hears the name, “Ariel” one would more than likely envision the image of a cute, red-haired mermaid and her sweet companion, Flounder. Thanks to Disney, whose 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid became a huge hit, most of everyone who has kids or was born after 1985 would easily recognize Ariel in this […]

College Essay

The challenge excited me. The finished product would be rewarding. I would learn a ton. But most importantly, I would have my own set of wheels. These were the thoughts running through my mind as that rusty old piece of scrap metal was finally unloaded into our garage. My newly acquired 1966 Austin Healey was […]


It could have ended horribly, but I am pleased to say that there are happy endings out there. I mean, the marriage had a bad ending – divorce. After fifteen years and two children, my parents decided to call it quits. I was seven years old, and all I knew was that my mom, my […]

Necessary Art

My mother is a realist. “You’ll have to study law or medicine if you want to make it in this world,” she says soberly at the dinner table. “I’m not going to pay all that money for college for you to major in some artsy-fartsy subject. You’ll never find a job.” I start to get […]

The Strong Foundation

I remember thinking why was this happening to me my solid foundation was getting cracks. Over hearing the whispers around me as everything slowly changes. My house was getting split into two, and I had to grow up faster than expected. When my parents decided to split up, I became confused and lost. Nothing seemed […]

Paula’s Craft

Before Paula sat down behind me, everyone was shifting uncomfortably in their seats in a futile attempt to avoid sweating in their florid formalwear. Paula was a vibrant mother who was soon able to change the atmosphere of the entire graduation. Paula’s father, who must have been close to ninety years old, was sitting to […]

Crunch Time

Down two points in double overtime, I’m on the sideline waiting to e subbed in. One knee to the floor, weat trickles down my face as I anxiously clench the collar of my damp jersey. Pressure is beginning to build in my gut, and my heart is pounding faster by the second. I nervously glance […]


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